Custom software, app, and web development

We help our small business clients improve their profit, operations, and branding.

How We Help Our Clients

Client Success: Quick, Low-Cost Prototype

Problem: Validating a promising new business idea Solution: Quick, low-cost, semi-custom prototype Result: Fully functional prototype in 6 weeks An experienced entrepreneur faced an all-too-common problem.  He had a promising new business idea, but did not want to waste 9-12 months building the technical solution only to discover it was not a viable idea. Not […]

Client Success: Web Site Refresh

Problem: Dull web site for a colorful global brand Solution: Web site refresh Result: Online presence now supports the brand Mention the Caribbean and immediately one thinks of turquoise waters, spicy foods, and dance-able beats. Exactly the brand image that a Caribbean food products company would want to showcase. Unfortunately for our client, their existing […]

Client Success: Tablet App

Problem: Improve bottle service sales for restaurant/lounge Solution: Tablet app Result: Average profit per sale up 18%; customer satisfaction up by 53%+ Restaurants and clubs understand the profit potential of bottle service. Our client wanted to take his program to the next level by not only improving profit and sales, but also by radically improving […]

Client Success: Custom Application

Problem: Hyper busy $7MM restaurant overwhelmed with back office reconciliation Solution: Custom application Result: Reconciliation effort reduced by 78%, over $54K annual savings A well-known local restaurant had an enviable problem. Abundant business was causing headaches and unnecessary cost to reconcile every day. Reconciling credit card deposits against sales, tracking outstanding gift cards, creating bookkeeping […]

Recognition is nice...

We take pride in our work and successes of course.

Being recognized by LinkedIn as Best of 2017 is awesome.

But what motivates us is looking forward to our next challenge,  helping a new or existing client with what we do best...

What We Do

Expert Advice

Technology can be complex and is always changing.  Do you wonder how a piece of tech can help your business? Are you unsure if your current tech investments are delivering the value you need?  Do you just need a sounding board?  We can help.

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Custom Software

If your business is struggling to use off-the-shelf software to meet its needs, we can help. Sometimes it takes a bit of custom software to make off-the-shelf feel like it was custom tailored.

Mobile Apps

Our team has experience building apps for the largest Fortune 500 companies and high-tech startups. But we can also build very cost-effective, branded apps for the smallest businesses: restaurants, salons, real estate offices, law firms — you name it.  Here are some design examples.

Web Sites and Social Presence

Your web site and social persona are your business’ first impression. They are home base for your profit. We can update your presence to improve not only the style, but your profitability. Browse a few potential designs.

Moventis provides custom software, app, and web development.
Coming soon, our new Restaurant Marketing app:

About Us

We founded Moventis to help the smallest businesses learn from, and use, the tools and techniques of successful businesses.

  • You probably knew one or more small businesses that offered a great product, but couldn't get enough customers in the door. Or they frustrated their customers with their inconsistent service. So did we.
  • We could see how family-run businesses were becoming extinct, replaced by more and more global, national, or regional chains. We figured that there must be a way to help small, independent businesses improve their marketing and operations, but at a realistic price.
  • So we built a team with business and technology expertise from across many industries and disciplines: restaurants, financial services, retail, marketing, large technology systems, mobile and web development.

How Can We Help You?