Client Success: Web Site Refresh

web site refresh

Problem: Dull web site for a colorful global brand

Solution: Web site refresh

Result: Online presence now supports the brand

Mention the Caribbean and immediately one thinks of turquoise waters, spicy foods, and dance-able beats. Exactly the brand image that a Caribbean food products company would want to showcase. Unfortunately for our client, their existing web site was more suburban blah than tropical paradise.

Over the years this family food production and distribution business had been diligent in updating their product labeling to exploit the Caribbean roots of their business. The web site had not been treated as well.

The challenge for the Moventis team was that the client site was built on obsolete technology and the client did not want to replace it.  Simple changes like adding a page background required custom code to be able to function somewhat like the current internet.  Moreover, the client required that the site must be compatible with a 12 year old version of Internet Explorer.

Given those constraints, we partnered with Lauderdale Graphics to create custom graphics and product images, and we were able to deliver a colorful, informative site that looks and feel very much like a modern site.  The refreshed web site truly captures the essence of the company, it’s owners, and their history.

How Did We Do with the Web Site Refresh?

Formal metrics were not captured as part of this client project.  The intention was to improve the brand image online and bring it to par with their offline marketing, as opposed to any specific sales or customer satisfaction numbers.  Anecdotally, we did see a rise in page visits to the recipe pages which feature the client’s products.