Client Success: Custom Application

custom application for reconciliation

Problem: Hyper busy $7MM restaurant overwhelmed with back office reconciliation

Solution: Custom application

Result: Reconciliation effort reduced by 78%, over $54K annual savings

A well-known local restaurant had an enviable problem. Abundant business was causing headaches and unnecessary cost to reconcile every day. Reconciling credit card deposits against sales, tracking outstanding gift cards, creating bookkeeping reports, planning for upcoming events, etc., were all taking far too much time (read: salary cost) to complete.

The Moventis team built a custom application to automate most of the reconciliation.  The result was far less busy work for the back office staff,  and more consistent reconciliation.  Plus, much more time available for high-value work like selling catering or events.

How Did We Do with the Custom Application?

Overall effort spent in employee hours toward the reconciliation was reduced by 78%.  Most of that reduction was due to automating manual and repetitive tasks. A smaller amount was attributed to simplifying and assisting with the data gathering.  Beyond the $54K annual savings, there was additional income generated by office staff on increased event sales and catering.  Unfortunately the client did not quantify the benefits, but ongoing they were substantial.